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    North Korea - unforgettable journey!

    You couldn't probably ever imagine going as a tourist to a country that is seldom mentioned in connection with tourism.... However, it is possible to say, without exaggeration, that North Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or the DPRK) is the most exotic and out-of-the-way tourist destination on the market. Travel to North Korea with Korea Konsult and open a whole new world for you!



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    • Jan-Feb: Lunar New Year
      Lunar New Year is a traditional Korean holiday. On this day many locals wear traditional costumes, children launch colourful kites, and enjoy traditional sweets. There will be fireworks in Kim Il Sung Square - the main square of the capital, and many other festivities.
    • 16th February: Day of the Shining Star
      Kim Jong-il's birthday is one of the major holidays in the DPRK. On this occasion there will be spectacular Flower Exhibition dedicated to ‘Kimilsungia’ and ‘Kimjongilia’ flowers, annual International Ice Skating Championship, Mass Dance, and Synchronised Swimming and many other events
    • 8th March: International Women's Day
      Originally called International Working Women's Day it is a popular holiday in all socialist countries. It is focused on respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements.
    • 15th April: Day of the Sun
      Birthday of Kim Il Sung, founder and president of North Korea. It is the most important national holiday of the country. The name takes its significance from the name of the leader: Il Sung (Il-sŏng) is Korean for "become the Sun"
    • 1st May: International Workers' Day
      International Workers' Day is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement. On this occasion usually various activities are held in Taesongsan Park near Pyongyang - locals enjoy bbq, traditional games and treat children with tasty snacks
    • 1st June: International Children's Day / 6th June: Chosun Children's Union Foundation Day
      On International Children's Day children of different ages from all over the country come to the parks to celebrate and play together fun games, participate in sport contests etc. Chosun Children's Union Foundation Day marks the 1946 foundation of the Korean Children's Union
    • 27th July: Day of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War
      It is a national holiday to mark the end of the Korean War that took place between 1950-1953. There will be various festivities on this occasion including amazing Mass Dance in one of the main Pyongyang’s squares and fireworks.
    • 15th August: Liberation Day
      Established after the liberation of Korea in 1945, the National Liberation Day of Korea commemorates the country's independence from Japanese colonisation (1910-1945). On this day the Korean Peninsula was liberated from Imperial Japanese colonial rule by the United States and the Soviet Union
    • 25th August: Day of Songun
      Songun is North Korean "military first" policy, prioritizing the Korean People's Army in the affairs of state and allocation of resources. The songun era began in 1960 when a young Kim Jong-il, together with his father Kim Il-sung, visited the Seoul 105th Guards Armored Division HQ in Pyongyang on August 25
    • 9th September: Foundation of the DPRK
      Founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 1948. It is one of the biggest holidays of the DPRK. On this occasion there will be a lot of various celebrations, fireworks, street festivities, and mass events including military parades on big dates
    • 10th October: Party Foundation Day
      One of the most important holidays marking the 10 October 1945 foundation of the Worker's Party of Korea. Celebrations include artistic performances and mass events including military parades on big dates
    • 31st December: New Year's Eve
      There are two New Years celebrated in North Korea, which are Lunar New Year and Solar New Year. It is one of the national Holiday and celebrations include fireworks, various street festivities and other events.


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    Every year we run almost 40 group tours as well as a number of individual tours. Our group tours is the most convenient, economical and fun way to travel in North Korea. We offer different types of tours dedicated to particular events celebrated in North Korea, or visiting specific areas such as Rason Free Economic Zone and hardly accessible and beautiful Mt.Paektu.



      Korea Konsult is the largest company in Europe specializing in tours to North Korea. Every year 30+ different nationalities from all over the world travel with us to this mysterious and fascinating country. We know the country inside out. Our prices are competitive. Our service is professional, quick and efficient. We are entirely devoted to our goal in providing you the best travel experience possible. In addition to this, we can speak your own language - English, French, German, Swedish or Russian.
      We help you to organize and to arrange the perfect tour just for you. Thank you for trusting us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.