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    Short Moscow-Tumangang Trans-Siberian Tour

    Short Moscow-Tumangang Trans-Siberian Tour

    Moscow Tumangang


    • Moscow-Tumangang - is the world longest (9412 km) non-stop train journey available today for tourists
    • Tumangang - entry point to the special economic zone Rason in North Korea
    • Tri-border area - the point in Tuman river where borders of three countries come together: Russian, Chinese and North Korean

    The tour itinerary is a PRELIMINARY one. Korea Konsult reserves the right to change some parts of the itinerary below if needed.


    Day 1: Russia / Moscow
    • At 23.45 catch up train departing to Tumangang from Moscow Yaroslavsky Railway Station
    • You can ask Korea Konsult to help you arrange your tour in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - cultural capital of Russia, or across Golden Ring of Russia
    • There are only 2 coaches traveling from Moscow to Tumangang. These two coaches are connected to train #2 Moscow-Vladivostok ('Rossiya' train) and in Ussurijsk they get its own locomotive to continue the trip to Tumangang (North Korea).

    OVERNIGHT: on the train
    Day 2-7: Russia / On the train
    • Enjoy landscape scenery from the train

    OVERNIGHT: on the train
    Day 8: Korea / Tumangang

    Tri-border area

    • In the morning arrival in Khasan (Russia), border with North Korea
    • While staying on train go through Russian passport control and customs
    • Depart to Tumangang via Friendship bridge over Tumen river
    • Highlight: border crossing by train from North Korea to Russia via Friendship bridge, the only land connection between the 2 countries with passenger trains running only 4 times a month. From the bridge you can clearly see the unique tri-borders area where Chinese, Russian and North Korean borders come together in a single point
    • Arrive in Tumangang and pass through North Korean passport and customs controls
    • Welcome to North Korea (Rason free economic zone)! Begin your tour in the area. Please note that in Rason the local guide service is mandatory, and the minimum group should be at least 3 people (or you should pay for 3 people)


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