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    FAQ & Travel Tips

    • What do you recommend I bring with me to Korea?
      • Take with you all medicines that you normally use
      • It is a good idea to have some stomach medicines as unfamiliar food may cause temporarily disruption in your digestion
      • Toilet paper roll in your backpack may help avoiding unpleasant experiences
      • You may bring some disinfecting napkins or spray especially if you are going to travel outside of Pyongyang
      • Bring some snacks for long drives on the bus
    • What documents should I bring to Korea?

      Please bring hard copies of your flight tickets:

      • if you fly back to Beijing from Pyongyang please bring a hard copy of your Pyongyang-Beijing ticket. Your Korean guides will need the ticket in order to reconfirm your flight Pyongyang-Beijing
      • if you are planning to use Chinese visa-free transit rule on the way from Pyongyang to Beijing please bring hard copy of your ticket to the next destination from Beijing
    • Can I bring my cell/smart phone?

      From 1 January 2013 it is ok to bring mobile phones/smartphones to the DPRK including the phones with GPS. Visitors can keep hold of your cell phone when enter the DPRK but in order to be able to use local 3G network you will need to buy SIM card on the local network.

      • NO ROAMING PROVIDED: visitor’s phone will not work in North Korea without local SIM card
      • To use mobile phone, visitors will require an unlocked cell phone compatible with 3G services in the 2,100MHz band. Most 3G phones should be compatible with the service
      • Koryolink voice-only SIM card (~50 Euro) to make international calls can be purchased at the airport on arrival. North Korea’s cell phone network operates with two tiers of service, with a barrier existing between local North Korean users and foreigners in the city. Therefore visitors will not be able to make a call from their phone to the local North Korean number
      • Mobile Internet (3G) is available almost in all major cities of the country and the SIM-card can be bought at Koryolink office at Pottonggang Hotel in Pyongyang. The speed of the Internet connection is fast enough to stream live skype video. To use mobile Internet you need to buy a data service plan:
      • Sim card: 120 USD (195 voice minutes, 20 sms), sim card will be active for about 2 months
        • + Internet Activation (50Mb): 90 USD
        • + Additional Internet Data (prepaid service): 0.38 USD / Mb
    • Is it ok to bring my professional photo-camera?

      Yes, you can bring your professional photo camera and lenses to Korea, there are no limitations.
      Please be advised that ocasionally cameras get checked at the border when tourists leave Korea (especially by train). A customs officer may ask you to remove some pictures from your camera.

    • May I bring my laptop or Ipad?

      Yes, you can bring your tablet or laptop to Korea, there are no limitations. Please be advised that the customs officer may ask you to turn on your laptop or Ipad and check your files.

    • Is it possbile to bring my video camera ?

      Yes, you can bring your non professional video camera to Korea. Please talk to us if you have a professional video camera

    • What currency should I bring to Korea ?

      You should bring some cash with you for your pocket expenses. Euro, US Dollars and Chinese RMB are the most welcome currencies in Korea.
      It is also make sense to bring your cash in small bills and coins since sometimes it may be hard to get your change for a big bill.
      If you are going to Rason Free Economic Zone please bring Chinese RMB or US Dollars. Euro payment is likely to be not possible in Rason.

    • Am I allowed to bring my GPS or radio equipment?

      No. You are not allowed to bring to Korea separate GPS device (even though GPS in phones and tables are allowed) as well as any type of radio receiving/transmitting equipment except to your cell phone

    • May I bring food and snacks?

      Yes, there are no limitations. Please feel free to bring any food you like. If you feel uncomfortable with Asian style food you may consider bringing with you some snacks. Drinking water can be purchased in plastic bottles at any hotel (very reasonable price) in the DPRK. If you have any special dietary requests or allergy on any kind of food, please inform us on booking

    • Am I allowed to bring my medicine to Korea?

      Yes, there are no limitations for medicine. Please keep your medicine in your cabin luggage to make sure you have it when you need it

    • Is it ok to bring a western-published travel guide about North Korea or other books?

      Generally yes, you can bring guides and other books but please make sure there are no pictures or text criticizing North Korea or its leaders, or promoting other social, religious or political system of beliefs.
      Please be advised that there were several exceptional cases when travel guides and some other books were confiscated by Korean customs officer during luggage check up.

    • I would like to bring some gifts, what do you recommend?

      We suggest bringing some little presents/souvenirs for the Korean guides and local children. Men appreciate cigarettes (most Korean men smoke) and women like inexpensive cosmetics. Children like chocolate, ball-point pens etc