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How to get there?

Important! It is not possible to travel to North Korea from South Korea and vice versa.

The overwhelming majority of foreigners travel to North Korea via China. The North Korean national airline, Air Koryo, has three regular flights per week linking Beijing and Pyongyang. Air China operates flights between Beijing and Pyongyang 3 times a week starting from March 31, 2008. It is also possible to travel from Beijing to Pyongyang by train, which will undoubtedly add special charm to your trip.

You can even fly to the DPRK from Russia using one of Air Koryo's regular routes: Vladivostok Pyongyang.

Regardless of your nationality, it is important to remember that if you want to travel to the DPRK via China you will be required to obtain a double-entry Chinese visa or re-apply for a Chinese transit visa while in the DPRK. Usually the application for a Chinese transit visa is very simple and should not be problematic. A standard visa is usually issued within 5 working days. Please contact the Chinese Embassy in your country of residence for further information.



International timetables to/from North Korea (valid from October 28, 2013)



Flight nr Day Departure Arrival


JS 152 Tue, Sat 12.55 16.00


JS 152 Mon, Fri 12.00 15.00


JS 151 Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat 09.00 09.55

JS 252 Y

Thursday 14.05 17.10
Pyongyang-Beijing JS 251 Y Thursday 10.30 11.30
Beijing-Pyongyang CA 121 Mon, Wed, Fri 13.40 16.20
Pyongyang-Beijing CA 122 Mon, Wed, Fri 17.20 18.05


JS 156 Wednesday 13.50 16.00


JS 155 Wednesday 11.50 12.00


JS 156 Saturday 15.50 18.00
Pyongyang-Shenyang JS 155 Saturday 12.40 12.50


JS 272 Mon, Fri 14.20 14.00


JS 271 Mon, Fri 08.20 12.00


JS 552 Tuesday, Friday* 19.00 22.40


JS 551 Tuesday, Friday* 15.00 17.00

Important! This timetable shows local time. *Charter flight on specific dates only.

Air Koryo: A few years ago Air Koryo purchased new Tupolev TU-204 aircrafts to replace the aging international fleet. These aircrafts are now used on regular flights between Beijing and Pyongyang (additional flights with another type of aircraft can be added during the high season). TU-204 aircrafts are fitted with the necessary equipment to comply with mandatory international standards. Since 2010 Air Koryo is allowed to resume operations into the EU with aircrafts of this type.



Dep. day Dep.time Arrival day Arrival time

(via Dandong, Sinuiju)

Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat 17.30 day after departure 17.45

(via Sinuiju, Dandong)

Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat 10.40 day after departure 08.33

(via Zabaikalsk, Dandong, Sinuiju)

Friday 23.55 next Friday 19.30

(via Sinuiju, Dandong, Zabaikalsk)

Saturday 10.10 next Friday 18.13
Important! This timetable shows local time.