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Tourist hotels

Foreign tourists enjoy the best facilities in the country but you should not expect same level of comfort you may get in most developed countries. North Korea has been under strict trade embargo for decades and sometimes such mundane things such as hot shower can be a problem especially outside of Pyongyang. Please take it into account while you are planning your trip to North Korea.

Hotels in Pyongyang

There are many hotels in Pyongyang ranging from 2 star simple hotels to 4/5 star sofisticated international hotels such as Yanggakdo and Koryo. Most of our tourists prefer to stay in Yanggakdo International Hotel which is conveniently located in the middle of Taedong river on Yanggak island.

Deluxe Hotels in Pyongyang (click on the hotel icon to open a photo gallery)

Other hotels in Pyongyang (click on the hotel icon to open a photo gallery)

Hotels in the provincial cities of the DPR Korea

There is a hotel in every major city in Korea. Even though on average the service standard is lower than in the capital but at the same time some best country hotels are located outside of Pyongyang. Click on the hotel icon to open a photo gallery

Hotels in Rason Free Economic Zone

Rason is a trendy destination and there are several hotels in Rason.