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    Entertainment in Pyongyang

    Golden Lane Bowling | Meari Shooting Range | Ryugyong Health Complex

    Golden Lane Bowling

    The huge Golden Lane Bowling is a good chance to mix with locals and watch some stellar displays of local bowling talent and relax after long sightseeing day.

    Meari Shooting Range

    The indoor gallery houses the 25-meter pistol range, 50-meter rifle range, archery ground, ray gun range and electron gun range with 8 platforms. Each platform has a scoreboard, and each range the seats and a general scoreboard so that visitors can see others shooting and their results. In the outdoor shooting range there are 12 platforms, five for 25-m pistol shooting and another five for 50-m rifle shooting. The other two, platform 11 and platform 12 are for shooting moving pheasants and chicken in the distance of 50 metres. Visitors can also shoot at living animals at the outdoor range and take food prepared with them. The gallery also has tennis, badminton and volleyball courts.

    Ryugyong Health Complex

    On 9 November, 2012 the Ryugyong Health Complex was formally opened. It includes health complex, People’s Open-air Ice Rink and the Pyongyang Skate Park. The Ryugyong Health Complex has a a total floor space of 18.379 square meters has modern facilities for bathing, hairdressing, beauty and massage treatment and fitness exercises and it can serve 7,200 people a day. The People’s Open Air Ice Rink has a total floor space of 6.469 square meters and the Skate Park has a total floor space of more than 1 3300 square meters. Both the ice rink and skate park are constructed to serve skaters all year round.