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    Hotels in North Korea

    Tourist hotels

    Foreign tourists enjoy the best facilities in the country but you should not expect same level of comfort you may get in most developed countries. North Korea has been under strict trade embargo for decades and sometimes such mundane things such as hot shower can be a problem especially outside of Pyongyang. Please take it into account while you are planning your trip to North Korea.

    Hotels in Pyongyang

    There are many hotels in Pyongyang ranging from 2 star simple hotels to 4/5 star sofisticated international hotels such as Yanggakdo and Koryo. Most of our tourists prefer to stay in Yanggakdo International Hotel which is conveniently located in the middle of Taedong river on Yanggak island.

    Deluxe Hotels in Pyongyang

    Yanggakdo International Hotel (Pyongyang)

    Built in 1995. 47 floors 1,000 rooms: Presidential Suite, Deluxe suites, and standard class rooms. International phone, tv, strong box, refrigerator in each room, warm water supply 24 hr, daily cleaning & fresh towels, laundry (extra $). There is revolving bar/restaurant on the 46th floor. Other facilities: bowling, swimming pool, beauty saloon, casino, karaoke hall, hair saloon, billiard saloon, shop, bookshop, post office. You can send and receive email from hotel mail-box

    Pyongyang Koryo Hotel(Pyongyang)

    Built in 1985. 45 floors, 500 rooms: Deluxe suites, standard rooms. International phone, tv, refrigerator in each room. Warm water supply 24 hr. There are 5 restaurants, a snack bar, and a revolving restaurant on the 45th floor. Other facilities: souvenir shop, ginseng shop, book shop, post offfice, swimming pool, sauna, massage room, beauty saloon, 200 seat cinema, casino, karaoke hall, billiard saloon, conference hall, meeting rooms

    Other hotels in Pyongyang

    Pothonggang Business Hotel (Pyongyang)

    Pothonggang Hotel is situated at tbank of Pothong River and it offers 160 rooms. International Cable TV,24 hrs a day warm water supply. Variety of bars and restaurants. Souvenir shops, karaoke room

    Haebansan Hotel (Pyongyang)

    Haebansan Hotel is situated in the central district and offers 95 rooms

    Pyongyang Folklore Hotel (Pyongyang)

    Folklore Hotel is situated in the Pyongyang Folklore village near Pyongyang. It is Korean style hotel which offers an unique experience of Korean traditional life

    Sosan Hotel(Pyongyang)

    Sosan Hotel is located near the sport village and provides an easy access to domestic and international sport games

    Ryanggang Hotel(Pyongyang)

    Situated in Mangyondae district it offers 330 rooms, the revolving restaurant and splendid view on Kwangbok street. International phone, TV. 3 times a day warm water supply. Souvenir & book shop, billiard

    Chongnyon Hotel(Pyongyang)

    Hotel is situated at the junction of Kwangnok and Chongchun Streets. It offers 465 rooms. The DPRK's very first fast food restaurant is located in the hotel building

    Hotels in the provincial cities of the DPR Korea

    There is a hotel in every major city in Korea. Even though on average the service standard is lower than in the capital but at the same time some best country hotels are located outside of Pyongyang. Click on the hotel icon to open a photo gallery

    Hotels in Rason Free Economic Zone

    Rason is a trendy destination and there are several hotels in Rason.

    Yanggakdo International Hotel Yanggakdo International Hotel
    Международный Отель Янгакдо